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Dedicated Services

Dedicated Services

Fully Managed Dedicated Hosting

A Dedicated server is the ultimate hosting solution. It provides a fundamental control, power, and security to your website and your business. Once you have your own server, you will no longer share resources with other users. You own the whole hosting environment, which allows you to make any custom software configurations you would need to successfully manage your website.   

The dedicated server is suitable for high traffic websites, which have outgrown the shared and the VPS hosting plans and need more resources and additional setup to perform at full speed and capacity. A dedicated server can handle millions of visits and page views per day, big databases, as well as thousand of sales. There are no restrictions on who can benefit from the advantages of a dedicated hosting environment: large ecommerce websites, resellers, social network, advertising agencies,etc. The dedicated server offers the highest level of security that would correspond to the expectations and the requirements of financial and bank institutions.

If you already have a shared or a VPS plan with TMDHosting, you could easily upgrade to one of our dedicated plans by contacting our technical support team. They will do the needful and migrate your data with no downtime.

E3-1230 V3 4x3.2Ghz   E3-1270 V3 4x3.5Ghz


E5-2620 V2 6x2.0Ghz   E5-2620 V2 12x2.0Ghz
Storage 500 GB   Storage 1 TB   Storage 2 x 1 TB   Storage 2 x 1 TB
RAM 8 GB   RAM 8 GB   RAM 24 GB   RAM 24 GB
Bandwidth 10 TB   Bandwidth 10 TB   Bandwidth 10 TB   Bandwidth 10 TB
$229/mo   $269/mo   $319/mo   $389/mo


Key Assets

Many of the biggest hosting companies in the industry are offering dedicated hosting. However, none of them has the full set features that TMDHоsting offers, including SSD drives, a variety of caching methods, 24/7 premium support (all plans are fully managed), a number of military-grade security measures, and many more.

Rapid Provisioning All our dedicated servers are rapidly provisioned. Thanks to the pre-built operating system images that we are using, your server will be deployed as quickly as possible.
Root Access When you have a dedicated server, you could get a root access upon request. The root access is the highest access level available and is only for advanced users. It allows them to perform actions that the other users cannot, for example: accessing and editing all of the files on your server, installing, updating and configuring custom server applications, etc.
WHM Access cPanel's WebHost Manager (WHM) provides administrative control to your dedicated server. Managing your account with WHM is extremely easy and provides a lot of options, such as managing MySQL databases and a variety of other hosting features, adding or removing email accounts, performing basic system and control panel maintenance and many more.
24/7/365 Support You could rely on our experienced support 24/7, even on holidays. When facing a problem, all you have to do is submit a support ticket and a person from our technical team, who specializes in dedicated hosting, will immediately investigate the issue and come back to you within one hour.
Data Replication Various hardware and software RAID solutions, tailored to your needs, are available on demand.
Caching out of the box TMDHosting’s dedicated servers are equipped with a whole armory of caching mechanisms, including Memcache, Flashcache,  APC, APCu, and Optimum Cache.
Solid State Drives With our dedicated hosting plans you could get one of our SSD servers. These servers can handle intensive I/O operations and provide super fast disc access time. With our SSD dedicated servers your website and applications will enjoy an exceptional speed and performance superior to your competitor’s websites.
Hardware Firewall Cisco Guard firewall is protecting our infrastructure against malicious software or hackers’ attempts to break into your website.

Data Centers

The structure and functionality of Drupal gives us the incentive to create easy to use responsive themes free for everyone. All TMDHosting Drupal themes are exclusive, completely free and specifically designed to optimize the user experience of our customer’s sites.

We have developed our hosting infrastructure by testing and deploying the latest and most reliable technologies, available in the industry. As a result, we are able to deliver scalability, fast performance,  and high availability. In addition, our data centers meet green and energy-efficient standards.

Currently, we operate 6 state-of-the art data centers on 3 continents : North America, Europe and Asia, located as follows:

-Chicago, Illinois (USA)
-Elk Grove, Illinois (USA)
-Phoenix, Arizona (USA)
-Houston, Texas (USA)
-Amsterdam (Europe)
-Singapore (Asia)

Networking & Connectivity
We know how much connectivity matters nowadays. All environment and hardware optimizations we have performed would have meant nothing without reliable Internet connectivity. We are using multiple Tier 1 telecom providers including AT&T, NTT and AboveNet, along with numerous private peering arrangements. Each of our data center provides more than 500 Gbps of transit and peering capacity.

Redundant Power Supply
Poor network equipment may cause a lot of problems to your business. In order to avoid unpredicted power outages, we have supplied our data centers facilities with N+2 power redundancy and a dual backup generator in each computer room.  In addition, each server rack is located behind a large UPS unit, equipped with a battery system that makes sure the power supply to servers remains uninterrupted.

Facility Access Control
We have designed and implemented the highest possible level of facility access control systems to manage the access to our facilities. Our security systems have been build in accordance with the highest technological standards and include biometric and RFID card security systems including mantraps and rack locking, and cameras, monitoring all the sectors. Only authorized data center technicians have physical access to the server cabinets.