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TMDHosting Reviews


thumb jr fab929257fc011ddFounded in 2007 by a group of enthusiastic high school friends graduating from the Rollins College in Orlando (FL, USA), TMDHosting is now one of the leading global providers of web hosting services. With only four full-time employees in the beginning, the company’s staff has grown to more than 70 people. The headquarters are based in Orlando, but as the company is continuously expanding, it has opened new offices in several locations in Europe.

Over the past years, TMDHosting hasoverseen a steady growth due to several key factors which distinguish the company from the other web hosting providers. These factors are premium technical support, cutting edge technologies, and affordable prices. Priority number one for us is our 24/7 free customer support service, which makes TMDHosting more than a hosting provider. The company’s policy is to explore its customers’ needs and develop strategies that correspond to them in the most adequate ways.

With its major goal to deliver a customer-based web hosting service, TMDHosting offers a wide range of complete hosting solutions to fit both large and medium businesses, as well as individual needs. Our team of experts is dedicated to deliver high quality services every day. Presently, TMDHosting provides high quality web hosting services to a large number of top websites.

Hosting Types

TMDHosting offers to its customers the whole variety of web hosting plans: starting from shared and reseller, through VPS and Cloud, to Dedicated servers. All web hosting plans are fully managed which means that the company is responsible for hardware and software setup and configuration, system maintenance, patch management, monitoring and updates.

Those who prefer to build their websites with a specific CMS, can choose one of our web hosting plans with open source applications. In order to provide our customers with the latest and most up to date versions of the software on a competitive price, TMDHosting has established partnerships with some of the most popular content management systems, such as Dolphin, Drupal, and Social Engine.

TMDHosting has blended applications with support to help its customers build their websites quickly and easily. All plans are combined with a variety of prices and resources. Each web hosting plans is designed after a careful research on the specific needs of the customers.

Shared Hosting - The shared web hosting service is designed mostly for non-technical people and for people who are running small websites. They get unlimited bandwidth, space, MySQL databases, and FTP accounts, free SSH Access, cPanel and many more features on a low, flat monthly fee. Only for $2.85 per month we provide a fully managed web hosting on SSD drive with free backups, services that no other web hosting company on the market could offer at the moment.

Reseller - The reseller hosting plans are designed to be easy and intuitive - resellers can start deploying, selling and managing web hosting services right away. In the easy to use reseller hosting environment of TMDHosting, registering domain names is made easy and straight-forward. Becoming a reseller provides access to more than 120 domain extensions. TMDHosting offers cPanel access, together with a Web Host Manager (WHM) which is a great tool for resellers, allowing them to manage their client accounts easily and effectively.

VPS - People often need customized configurations and software or more resources for their websites. This usually requires an independent dedicated server, which can be expensive and difficult to manage. TMDHosting offers a cloud-built Virtual Private Server solutions for all their customers who need to upgrade their hosting plans. The KVM virtualization guarantees that all purchased resources will be available.

Cloud - ...

Dedicated - TMDHosting’s managed dedicated servers offer our clients security and a stable environment to achieve the outstanding performance their websites depend on. Our high quality services and competitive prices make our dedicated services suitable for any type of business. It does not matter if you are an owner of a small website, planning to grow, or running a successful business with huge volumes of traffic. Our free 24/7 premium support is always available to assist you with installing third party applications, modules and themes as well as upgrades and backup restorations.

No matter which web hosting plan you will choose, you will get a free domain for live. And because we take care for our customers from the moment they join our company, if you want to move to TMDHosting from another web hosting provider, we will transfer your website and all the data for free.

Once, you become part of TMDHosting, we are certain that you will be pleased with our professional services. Still, if our hosting do not meet your expectations, you can cancel your account within the first 60 days after purchasing it, and we will issue a refund.


We know that in order to provide our customers with the best services on the market we have to utilize the latest innovation technologies and we do it.

Software & Hardware:

For both, solid state and hard disc drives, we are working with Intel powered hardware.

TMDHosting servers runs on Linux OS and accommodates a wide range of hosting services. All servers are CloudLinux powered and the hosting environment provides a lot of features such as multiple PHP versions (4, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7), MySQL & PostgreSQL databases, CGI Scripts, Perl, Python and many more.

We also use Apache web server because it is fast, secure, and reliable. All our hosting plans come with free CloudFlare CDN access to guarantee accelerated website speed. We are prepared to supply our customers on demand with any kind of technology they might need for their websites.

All accounts offered by us include access to cPanel, the most reliable control panel in the web hosting business. With cPanel our customers can manage their domains, websites, files, databases, email accounts, etc. quickly and intuitively. Below you can have a look at how our cPanel looks like:

C Panel Theme 2


Starting from 2015 we are in the process of moving all our hosted websites to Solid State Drives (SSD). SSD is so far the most promising alternative to the HDD drive, bringing more than 200% of page load time boost. It is the ideal cost-effective solution for high availability web applications because I/O wait times and bottlenecks are practically ruled out. Deploying SSD is resulting in enhanced website reliability and increased speed.

We have adopted this technology in order to boost websites’ speed because we know how important the fast performance is for the modern data-driven websites, which generate pages from hundreds of databases.


The security is an aspect, which TMDHosting is taking very seriously.  We take files/folders snapshots on a weekly basis and perform a strict every day backup of all the data on our servers, ensuring that not a single piece of sensitive information will be lost. The backup copies are saved on a remote location. Although the process is automated, we have a dedicated team of system administrators to check if everything is running smoothly and the copies are properly taken.

The system administrators are also engaged in constant monitoring of patch releases, compliant with our software. In order to provide our customers with even better services, we have established close partnerships with some of our traders, such as CloudLinux and cPanel. Very often we may apply a patch even before it gets officially released.

At TMDHosting we have an anti-malware scan policy, utilizing Linux Malware Detect to keep our servers protected from threats. This software is specifically designed to detect and remove malware in  web hosting environment, so that our customers’ security is absolutely assured.

Our in-house built firewall software guarantees an end-to-end network security and is a vital component of our security policy.  It is based on Apache's mod_security and is being tested and updated on a daily basis to keep our hosted websites fully protected from the latest threats.

Caching Methods

We provide one of the largest varieties of caching methods in the industry for every different type of hosting that we offer. The caching methods include Memcache, Flashcache,  APC, APCu and our latest innovation: OptimumCache. OptimumCache decreases load on disc by detecting duplicate files and making sure only one copy of the files will be loaded in the cache.


Our team consists of highly skillful employees who have been working in the industry for several years. Most of our Technical Support Team members have spent their entire careers in the field of providing Customer service and technical assistance, so there is no doubt why we have chosen to call them Geniuses. They are available 24/7, even on holidays. Their performance makes us really proud and distinguishes the company from its competitors in the business.

While the majority of the other webhosting companies stop looking after their customers, as soon as they sell them a hosting plan, for TMDHosting, this is just the beginning. Installation of applications, themes and plugins, applications upgrades, website and SEO optimization, server load balancing are only part of the free of charge services that we offer. That’s right, the support comes at no cost with all webhosting plans from TMDHosting.

Our goal is to help people create and maintain their websites even if they have no technical knowledge. In order to facilitate the process, we have built an extensive knowledge base, as well as easy-to-follow tutorials for every open source application.

All the support requests are received through our ticketing system. Our response and resolution times are unprecedented: up to 15 minutes for response and approximately 30 minutes for resolution. Only a few other companies are capable of handling the support requests in such a short time, which gives TMDHosting a leading position in the support and resolution category.

With TMDHosting support you can be sure that your business will be safe and no matter what obstacles come in your way, you will have the solid back of our technical support.

Location/Data Centers

When we started in 2007, we had only one data center in Houston, Texas. Due to our growth over the years, our servers are now located in several state-of-the-art data centers across three continents: North America (two in Chicago, one in Phoenix), Europe (Amsterdam), and Asia (Singapore). Our partner for The States and Europe is SingleHop and for Asia - LeaseWeb. This international distribution allows us to provide fast uptime and high redundancy rates for our customers worldwide.

In order to secure our servers and guarantee ultimate protection, we have deployed a military-grade security systems with 24/7 human monitoring, requiring biometric and RFID card security access.

We are constantly following the latest technologies and implementing them on our servers to ensure they are as fast, secure and flexible as possible.

data centers Copy


At TMDHosting, we know that the proper uptime management is crucial for the success of our customers’ websites. In order to ensure high availability, we have put together a set of services and tools dedicated to controlling, monitoring and optimising operational performance. As a result, all our web hosting plans guarantee 99.999% minimum uptime, which is also known as the five 9’s. This means that your website could be offline for the maximum time of 5 minutes and 26 seconds per year.

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